Health Monitoring

Health monitoring is accomplished through the preparation of health indicator reports, participation in collaborative research projects, and partnering with various stakeholders on projects that impact the health and social wellbeing of northern communities and residents. The Population Health Unit utilizes data from a variety of sources including the collaborative research studies and local projects that we participate in, provincial and national reports, administrative databases and registries, surveys and census, as well as “in-house” data.

Current Northern Saskatchewan Health Indicator Report


  1. A Guide to the Reports - Understanding the Presentation of Data

  2. Community Characteristics

    1. Geographical and Political Profile Updated 2023
    2. Population Profile Updated 2023
  3. Social Determinants of Health

    1. Living and Working Conditions Updated 2023
    2. Personal Health Practices and Personal Resources Updated 2023
  4. Health Status

    1. Weight Status and Well Being Updated 2023
    2. Mortality Updated 2023
    3. Communicable Disease
    4. Hospitalizations Updated 2024
    5. Chronic Disease Updated 2023
    6. Cancer and Traffic Collisions

 Additional report updates for Communicable Disease, Cancer, Hospitalizations, Maternal-child and Immunizations are planned for release this fall. Until then, please refer to the previous Health Indicators Report, 2011.

Health Indicator Reports, 1998 - 2011

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