Research Approval Process

In 2008, the three Northern Health Authorities (Athabasca Health Authority, Mamawetan Churchill River Health Region and Keewatin Yatthé Health Region) agreed on a formal approval process for research involving health region programs and services, facilities, staff or client data. The research approval process covers all types of researchers including university scholars, graduate students, community members, physicians and health authority employees. The research approval process also covers individuals or groups who wish to form a partnership with any of the three northern health authorities, in order to conduct health research within their boundaries.

 Some proposals may be deemed quality assurance projects as opposed to research and thus will not need to go through the research approval process. It is often difficult to determine whether a particular project is a quality assurance program or research study. There is no “one” characteristic that clearly discriminates between quality assurance projects and research studies and projects will often have characteristics of both. We have developed a form that collects information on the key components of the study, such as the goals and focus, which will help us determine if the project should be considered research or quality assurance.

 If you are planning on doing health research, or if you are approached by a researcher wanting to do health research within the northern health authorities, please contact Brian Quinn at the Population Health Unit who can help guide you or the researcher through the approval process for research.

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  1. Research Approval Application form
  2. Partnership Request form
  3. Quality Assurance Assessment form