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What is the Northern Healthy Communities Partnership?

The Northern Healthy Communities Partnership (NHCP) is a group of people and organizations who work together on some areas of common interest to promote and create healthier communities in northern Saskatchewan. The NHCP has members that represent multiple sectors including First Nations, public, private and non-for profit.  

Why does the NHCP choose to work together?

Addressing the determinants of health is well beyond the capability of the conventional health system, thus increasing the importance of partnerships.  It is logical to work together to capitalize on resources, as an effective health promotion strategy requires a lot more time and energy than health education alone does.  A specific advantage of a north-wide partner approach is the avoidance of duplication as organizations may be approached by a single group rather than separate entities when dealing with common issues.  Partners maintain their respective visions and responsibilities and may come together with NHCP when the need arises.

How does the NHCP work?

NHCP projects are carried out by Action Teams and guided by a Core Group of representatives from all partners. Currently the NHCP Action Teams are:

  • The Healthy Eating Team
  • The Northern Tobacco Strategy
  • Building Vibrant Youth
  • The Active Communities Team
  • Babies, Books and Bonding

 Healthy Eating TeamNorthern Tobacco StrategyBuilding Vibrant YouthActive Communities TeamBabies, Books & Bonding

For more information on the NHCP and all of the Action Teams please visit our website http://nhcp.ca/

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