In Saskatchewan, public health inspectors have legislative authority of on-site waste water disposal systems that have a daily flow under 18m3. This authority is outlined in The Private Sewage Works Regulations and The Shoreland Pollution Control Regulations. Both of these regulations are under The Public Health Act, 1999.

If you plan on installing an on-site wastewater system (including holding tanks) or extending, repairing or altering an existing on-site septic system you will need to apply and get design approval from your local public health inspector. You may only proceed with construction after approval is granted.

When construction of the system is nearly complete and before the system is covered up you will need to contact your public health inspector to arrange a final inspection. If all the conditions are met and the installation is to the inspector’s satisfaction, the system may be covered, final approval may be given and a permit can be signed.

For guidance on the following subjects see the Saskatchewan Environmental Health webpage.

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  • Designing sewage systems
  • Maintaining your wastewater system document
  • Document on approval and permitting process for a wastewater system
  • Common types of wastewater systems
  • Choosing a Contractor
  • Guidance for Installers:  How to Complete an SOWDG Work Sheet - Appendix 7 of the Guide